SCP: Site Phoenix

SCP: Site Phoenix is a dedicated SCP Secret Laboratory server that offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for players. Dive into the mysterious world of the SCP Foundation and its anomalous entities as you navigate through the treacherous facilities of Site Phoenix.

1. Show Respect to Others:
- Interact with fellow members in a kind, polite, and considerate manner.

2. Avoid Harmful or Explicit Discussions:
- Prevent the creation of a negative or offensive environment by refraining from inappropriate or NSFW conversations.

3. Do Not Promote Harmful Actions or Threats:
- Avoid promoting or endorsing suicide or self-harm, making jokes related to sexualizing minors, or threatening other members.

4. Refrain from Offensive Language:
- Do not use racial, homophobic, or hateful slurs. Violation of these rules will result in a ban.

5. Accept Staff Decisions:
- Acknowledge that the staff's decisions are final. Engaging in arguments with staff is not productive.

6. No False Reports:
- Do not consistently make false reports. It is strictly prohibited and will result in warnings and eventual bans.

7. No Loud Noises or Soundboards in Global Chats:
- Avoid using loud noises or soundboards in SCPChat, Dead Chat, SCP-1576, and Intercom.

8. Treat Others with Kindness:
- Enjoy the game without being disrespectful to others.

9. No Kill On Sight (K.O.S):
- Facility guards/MTF are not allowed to kill any D-Class on sight unless the Class-D is visibly holding a weapon or refusing to comply with reasonable orders. Breaking this rule will result in a warning.
- Class D does not need to comply with unreasonable orders. The K.O.S rule only applies to MTF and Guards killing Class D.
- The rule also applies to ANY role killing any role that has been detained and has the ability to escape, unless they attempt to run away. Cuffing and uncuffing just to get past this rule is not allowed.

10. No Teaming:
- Teaming is not permitted within the server.
- You are permitted to surrender and be detained by the enemy, as long as they ensure your escape to switch .

11. No Ghosting:
- You may not give or receive information from the dead.

12. No Leaving, Suicide, or AFK Avoidance:
- Do not leave, suicide, or go AFK just because you do not wish to play the role, including as a zombie.

13. No team sabotage:
-please refrain from directly harming your team this includes consecutively closing doors on your team

14. No Glitching:
- You may not glitch into places you aren't intended to be in.

If you have been banned, muted, or warned on the Discord and would like to submit an appeal, you can do so here.

Notable SCP Changes
- All SCPs can toggle proximity chat via ALT.
- Going into SCP-914 on Rough will have a 33% chance to teleport you out, but will do damage!
- SCP-079 starts at Tier 2.
- SCP-079 will respawn into an SCP that isn't 079 or 096 if left as the last SCP.
- SCP-079 will lose signal for 5 seconds upon a generator activating.
- SCP-049 can receive buffs when they revive others!
- SCP-049-2 can infect others (curable with Adrenaline and SCP-500)

General Changes
- All roles can escape while cuffed.
- Guards can escape while not cuffed.
- Escaping will not remove any positive effects you have (such as cola)
- ALL Chaos Insurgents will be targets for SCPs