SCP:SL Paranormal Refraction

Welcome to Paranormal Refraction, A server that is new and growing and entirely experimental.

General Information

This server is a variety server, which in short means it's used for both serious and fun gameplay. This server is slightly modded with minor gameplay-changing plugins. The server IS moderated and action will be taken by any staff if necessary.
This server is expected to grow alongside the playerbase, suggestions to improve the overall experience of the server is absolutely welcome.

Server Rules:

1. Loud Noises with the purpose of annoying others is not tolerated and will result in a mute.

2. Cheating and exploiting is extremely not tolerated.

3. Discriminatory language is not tolerated and will result in a ban.

4. Teaming is allowed in a person to person scenario, (Teaming should be used for roleplay, not for getting an advantage over other players)

5. Players should read the room. (If the server is in a fun state where serious gameplay is not completely present, join along with the others, do not engage in serious gameplay and ruin other peoples' fun.)

6. Misdemeanors and severe admin abuse from Staff should be brought up to Head Admin or Owner

7. You need to be atleast 13+ to be able to play on this server, failure to follow this rule will result in a ban until you can prove you're above the age of 13.

8. Intentional team-killing is completely prohibited and repeated accounts of it will result in punishment in accordance to staff. (End-Round teamkilling is fine as long as it occurs after the win screen appears)


For more information in regards to plugins/news or if you just want a nice place to chat, our discord server can be found Here.

I hope you enjoy your time here!