1. Harassment is not allowed, any use of racial slurs, possibly offensive topics, or other words which demean either race, gender, or sexuality are not allowed and will be a 50 YEAR BAN.
2. Everyone is to be treated with respect.
3. No micspam in spectator chat, scp chat, radio, or on the intercom.
4. Teaming between mtf and chaos, or scps and ANY class (other than chaos) is not allowed. You may however choose not to kill someone for your own mutual benefit, for example, a d class and dog stuck in 914, the dog doesnt need to kill the d class till he is out.
5. Suiciding is not allowed as an scp, this includes disconnecting. (especially 049-2)
6. Please report any admin abuse or rule breakings by opening a ticket on the discord in the #support channel.
7. Closing doors on your teammates more than twice in a row will be considered toxicity and is a warnable offense.

Now for the Kos/RK and Surrendering
8. MTF and Chaos may not KOS (kill on sight) or RK (random kill) class-D or scientists. Instead, you (as an mtf or chaos) can ask someone to surrender to you. You may kill those that disobey your REASONABLE orders. You can be shot as any class (Besides TK) if you have a gun out. Scientists count as mtf in the case of kosing d class, they must follow the same rules
If they surrender, they may not shoot you, and must follow your orders, more about surrendering below

8.1 Surrendering means that you surrender everything you have including your life to the enemy TEAM. When you surrender once you surrender to everyone who is currently alive on that team or that will spawn in the future. Surrendered captives must obey reasonable orders but it will be considered cross-teaming if they are surrendering to help the other team out in some way.

Even if a rule isn't on here doesn't mean it's allowed! Listen to the staff!

Remember, after multiple rule breaks you will be permanently banned from both the Server and the Discord.