1. Must be 13 to play this server. If not, you will be banned if you do not leave.
2. No teaming between SCPs and any team besides chaos/MTF and chaos. Will result in a warning, then a kick.
3. Be respectful to the staff and fellow players. The occasional trash talk is okay, but constant harassment of players will result in a warning, then a mute.
4. Racism will not be tolerated. Will result in a kick, and then a ban
5. Homophobia will not be tolerated. Check rule 4 for punishment
6. Don't mic spam over SCP chat/intercom/radio/spectator chat. This includes music, overplaying of a soundboard, earrape, and extended dialogue(e.g. 50 shades of gray chapter 8). Will result in a warning, then kick, then mute, then a ban
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