Welcome to Chaos Containment Club

the most chaotic server in all of SCP: Secret Laboratory

Hosted on Shockbyte

Official Server Rules
1. Don't be a dick >:(
2. Don't be racist (I am a building)
3. Soundboards allowed ^^ (But don't use cringe sounds)
4. And most importantly: Have fun!

\/ Scroll down to see how the gamemode works \/

Gamemode: Roll The Dice
This server features Roll the dice: At the start of each match the server rolls a random event that changes how the game is played.
Additionally, players can flip coins every 90 seconds to get a random effect for themselves, but be aware, some effects aren't what you wish they would be.

Balance Changes:
-Switching Teams on death is now disabled: D-Class personnel who die will always be guaranteed to spawn as Chaos Insurgency, while Foundation personnel who die will always spawn as MTF (unless, on both sides, they escape while being cuffed).
-Being killed by a guard as a D-Class will guarantee you to be spawned as a Chaos-Repressor.
-Being killed by a D-Class as a Scientist will guarantee you to be spawned as a NTF-Specialist.
-Escaping as D-Class will guarantee you to be spawned as a Chaos-Repressor.
-Escaping as a Scientist will guarantee you to be spawned as a NTF-Specialist.
-Extra equipment for NTF-Specialist and Chaos-Conscript.
-Every human starts with a coin used for Roll-The-Dice events.
-20% Increased walk speed unless an LMG, Heavy Armor or Micro HID is in the inventory.
-Jumping decreases Stamina by 5%.
-Fall damage decreased

SCP-173 (Peanut) and SCP-049 (Plague Doctor):
-Movement speed increased slightly.

SCP-049-2 (Zombie):
-Consuming a corpse will give you 200 HP instead of 100, plus 50 Shield aswell.
-Movement speed increased slightly.

SCP-079 (Computer):
-Triggering a tesla costs 80 Energy points instead of 40.

SCP-096 (Shy Guy):
-Shy Guy won't be able to exit Rage-Mode until all affected humans (SCP-096-1) have been killed.

SCP-106 (The Old Man):
-Takes less damage against bullets and explosions
-Takes way more damage against electrical weapons (Micro HID and Tesla gates)

Map/Environmental Changes:

-Generators: Activation time reduced to 45 seconds from 125.
-Tesla Gates: Deactivated until all generators have been activated. (can still be charged by the computer though)

-SCP-330 (Candy Bowl): Computer Room can now be accessed by all types of Keycards.
-SCP-106 (The Old Man): Room can only be accessed by Keter Level Security Clearance (Level 3 cards).
-SCP-914 (The upgrading machine): Putting a grenade on rough or coarse will cause it to activate and explode with a huge radius,
accurate to the lore. Players will now also be affected when entering the machine.
-Intercom: Door can now be opened by Guard-, Researcher-, Containment Engineer-, and all MTF-Keycards.

-Nuclear Warhead: The nuke lever can only be activated with a keycard of Keter Level Security Clearance or Chaos Insurgency Access
Devices (Level 3 cards or Chaos Device).
-Nuclear Warhead Cancelling: The detonation sequence cannot be cancelled by SCPs anymore, nor can it be activated/deactivated.