Hello, you lead eaters , welcome to the Break Room. We are a carefree server that tries its best to give you a break from all those restraints of being a “good person”. Come join our server to become the mischievous gremlin you were always meant to be! (Join our discord server as well btw, it would be pretty cool!)
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1. No Hate Speech
This includes Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, etc.
2. No being a meany head!!!
Please do not be overly rude to the other players or staff.
3. You must be 13+ to be in this server
This is not a children's game, go back to watching skibidi toilet.
4. KOS is allowed but not encouraged
You can kill people on sight, but don’t target or mass unalive, you little demon.
5. No exploiting or hacking
We would appreciate that you don’t do this, we kinda want people to have fun, you gremlin (Exception being the mods and admins, HEHEHEHAW! This is a joke.)
6. No abusing glitches, you L33T H@X0R!!!
Don’t make the game unfun by abusing glitches to get your way, you stinker.
7. No mic spamming please
We would like to preserve our ears from your skin walker screeches.
8. Crossteaming is ONLY allowed with Chaos and SCP’s
Please do not crossteam with the scps unless you're Chaos, if Chaos and scp’s are the only teams in the game you will be forced to partake in Order 66 (Just kill each other).
9. No stalling the round
Don’t stall the round, unless you're currently clutching the game like a cool guy.
10. No sabotaging your own team
This includes unaliving as SCP or any of the Human classes, you spy from TF2.
11. No false reporting
False reporting is funny and all, but it’s kind of a bozo move to do because we take our reports seriously, and would not like any joke reports.

<a href=""> Click here to join our discord! </a>