Rule 1: No Team Killing (Crossfire Doesn't Count)
We're all part of the same team in SCP: Secret Laboratory, and teamwork is crucial. So, please, no intentionally harming your fellow teammates. Accidents can happen when things get chaotic, and those won't get you into trouble. But if you're deliberately taking out your own teammates, that's a no-go. You might end up with a temporary or even permanent ban, and that's not how we want to see you go down.

Rule 2: No Hate Speech

We're here to have fun and enjoy the game, and that includes treating each other with respect. Hate speech has no place in SCP: Secret Laboratory. So, keep the chat friendly and avoid offensive or hurtful comments based on any personal characteristics. If you're caught using hate speech, you might get a warning or, in severe cases, be banned.

Rule 3: No Cheating

Cheating in SCP: Secret Laboratory is a big no-no. We want everyone to have a fair and enjoyable experience. So, don't even think about using cheats, hacks, or any unfair advantages. If you're caught cheating, you'll probably be shown the exit with a permanent ban.

Rule 4: No Prolonging a Game

SCP: Secret Laboratory is all about thrilling and intense matches, but let's not drag things out unnecessarily. Deliberately stalling a game or disrupting the flow isn't cool. That means no hiding forever or exploiting game mechanics to mess with everyone's fun. If you're caught doing this, you might get a warning or a time-out from playing in our secret laboratory.

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