Rules for Dreasoner's Lab Servers

Warning: FF Detector is enabled, team kill at your own peril. If you believe you have been mistakenly kicked/banned by the FF detector, submit a “miscellaneous” ticket in the #reports section of the discord.

The Dreasoner's Lab Discord invite is (clickable), come on and stop by.

If the server is having issues such as randomly crashing, please let me know by creating a ticket in the Discord Server so the situation can be remedied.

1. Respect everyone .
2. Do as the admins say at all times, if it counts as abuse (unless it occurs in the event server), send a report with evidence in #report-someone
3. Use common sense, just because something isn't said in the rules
doesn't mean you are allowed to do it.
4. Soundboards Are allowed . Please don't abuse this privilage
5. Have fun!