Rules for all The Anomalous Abyss Servers

The Discord invite for The Anomalous Abyss is (clickable), come on and stop by.

If the server is having issues such as randomly crashing, please ping @Dreasoner2 in the Discord Server so it may be remedied.

1. Respect everyone.
2. Do as the admins say at all times, if what the staff tells you to do would classify as abuse of their rank, send a report with evidence in the discord server, or DM @Dreasoner2 with evidence.
3. Use common sense, just because something isn't said in the rules
doesn't mean you are allowed to do it.
4. Soundboards Are allowed . However, they are not allowed in SCP Chat, or any other "Global" chat. (Examples: Spectator Chat, Intercom)
5. KOS is allowed, but not encouraged.
5a. However, killing compliant cuffed Class-D/Scientists is NOT allowed.