-#Project Exodus#- (Central-US)

-Server Info-

join our discord here https://discord.gg/CVe2GZzA3R


Rule 1: Harassment, toxic behavior, and hate speech towards other players is strictly prohibited. Racism and phobic slurs will result in an immediate permanent ban. This applies regardless of the player’s ethnicity and personal background.
- Even as a joke, pedophiliac comments will be met with an immediate permanent ban.

Rule 2: Hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban as well as well as a report to offical scp sl staff.

Rule 3: Cross-teaming is only allowed across classes with mutual win conditions. If it would hold up the round its not allowed.

Rule 4: KOS is allowed but try to give players a chance to surrender. Don't kill cuffed players also why would you?

Rule 5: Do not sabotage your team. This includes Closing doors on teamates, uncuffing D-class, Stealing Things, Etc.

Rule 6: Use common sense its a pretty obvious.

Rule 7: Do not use loopholes You will still be punished for the original rule.

Rule 8: Staff has final say do not argue with staff.

Rule 9: you can play music/sounds as long as its not earrape. if staff askes you to stop plz do. If you cant hear the warning you should not be playing that sound in the first place.

Rule 10: Rule 10: you must be 13+ or over to join both the SCP:SL server and the discord

Rule 11: No NSFW OF ANY KIND in the server, post any you will be banned.

Rule 12: if you want to be staff please put in a staff application and please do not beg for it to be given it to you


1: Q: how do I get custom weapons?
A: The are scattered across the map in various rooms.

2: Q: Where do I report bugs?
A: I have a bug reports page in the discord link above.