[UK] The Foundation

Discord: Click To Join!

This Server isn't serious and the community here likes to have fun doing interesting/experimental events at anytime.

1. Racism, slurs, and any discriminatory content is prohibited.
2. Encouraging acts such as cheating, doxxing, hacking is prohibited.
3. Evading mutes and punishments by alting will result in a ban on all accounts.
4. Teaming With SCP's at all isn't allowed. (excluding Chaos & D-Class)
5. No mic-spamming in Intercom/Spectator.
6. Do as the admins say, They have the final say.
7. MTF should attempt to cuff D-Class if possible or not they can be KOS'd.
8. The usage of loud/annoying soundboards in spectator/SCP voice chat isn't prohibited.
9. Make sure to have fun!

Awesome Plugins Our Server Uses! -
1. Map Editor Reborn
2. Remote Keycard
3. UIU Rescue Squad
4. Who are My Teammates
5. Better Lockers
6. Spectator List (Now you will be able to know who's watching your every move.)
7. Wait And Chill Reborn
8. SCP-1162
9. Respawn Timer
10. Exiled Common Utilities
11. SCP Stats (Track your in-game stats in our server, available only through our discord server!)
12. Foundation's Tesla Disabler (That's right! Our own custom plugin made through Exiled's API for disabling tesla gates only for foundation personnel's)
13. Auto Nuke (This will start the nuke in 20 Minutes of the round)

Contact me here: [email protected]