Discord - https://discord.gg/tsHfpzSJBv

<size=14>Server Features
- Hosted in Europe
- Associated Discord
- Plenty of Server Roles available
- Automatic Discord and In-Game Roles!
- Friendly fire is disabled

<size=14>SCP Features
- SCP-049 and SCP-939 can talk to humans
- SCP-173 heals slightly with each kill
- SCP-049-2 heals slightly with each kill
- SCP-939-53 and SCP-939-89 both heal a moderate amount with each kill
- SCP-035, SCP-500 and SCP-575 Included!

<size=14>Perks and Abilities
- Upgrade and Downgrade classes in SCP-914
- AFK kick
- SCP Swap
- Facility Wide Breakdowns and Errors
- SCP Stats Integration
- Lobbies and Waiting Areas
- Custom Roles (Chaos and MTF Spies, Janitors, ETC.)
- Auto warhead activation at 20 minutes


<size=14>1. Don't harass people or discriminate, race, sex, sexual orientation etc.

2. Just generally don't be annoying or set out to make people's lives worse.