[AU] GangstaX Server 3 - Discord Members Only

Discord Server: Click this or go to discord.gg/tsv8xKBruP. This server is for Discord Server members who have linked their Steam and Discord accounts to a SCPStats account. Please join the Discord server for more information.

[1] Do not discriminate, harass, bully, or in any way attack another person.
[2] Do not prolong the match in any form. Teaming, camping and waiting for next spawn wave will get you killed, kicked or banned.
[3] Teaming is allowed by all classes. However: if it is used to prolong the round, you may be subject to the punishments in Rule 2.
[4] Cheating, hacking, exploiting or other forms of unfair advantages are strictly prohibited. This includes getting to places where players should not be. For example, on top of cameras.
[5] Soundboard use is only allowed proximity chat, intercom and the short time after a round ends. Feel free to spam in these areas. Excessive use may result in a warning or mute. Staff discretion applies.
[6] KOS is allowed. Staff discretion applies.

Notable Changes to Gameplay
- AFK timeout is 1 minute. You have will receive a 20 second warning before being moved to spectator. You will be kicked after being AFK for too many times.
- SCP-914 will accept dropped items or items in your inventory.
- SCP-106's Pocket Dimension has 3 escapes. Pick wisely.
- Serpent's Hand - A class that only helps SCPs, is installed.
- Friendly Fire is enabled when round ends. Feel free to kill anyone, without being punished.
- You do not have to hold your keycard when going through a door that needs it. It just has to be in your inventory.
- Statistics are collected if you choose to sign up. More information in Discord.
- You must also sign up if you wish to receive any in game roles such as Discord Server Member or Discord Server Booster.
- You may speak to other players as an SCP using your alternate voice chat key. Default V
- A supply drop appears every ten minutes at surface.

Punished unfairly or want to make a complaint?
- Make a ticket in the Discord server with your appeal or complaint.

Last updated: 12/08/2021