UnderGround HideOut

Welcome to UnderGround HideOut! We are a chill server that is dedicated to fun! Join our discord below for any questions, or to just hang out!

Join the Discord Server! <--- Click Me

In-Game Server Rules
1. KOS is not allowed on detained players
2. No Racial slurs or harassment at any time.
3. No real-life threats.
4. No serious NSFW content is allowed at any time in any way
5. Hacking/exploiting is not permitted at all and is a permanent ban. (obviously)
6. Mic-spamming is not allowed in isolated chats (intercom, spec. chat, etc.) Mic spam is considered excessively high-pitched noises, excessively long annoying sounds, or if multiple people complain about it.
7. Don't be a jerk, and have fun!

Server Plugins
The only plugins we currently have running on the server are plugins that help with Moderation. These plugins to not modify gameplay, and are only for moderation.

To appeal to a ban or mute, follow the link in the #appeals channel of our Discord server.

<color=orange><size=18>Server Location:

Kansas City, Missouri
[US - Central]

Have Fun!!</align>