Howdy! Welcome to the site where it's chill and sometimes funky things can happen (only if there is one of the weird Owner, Admin, or Mod people in) But other then that chill and have fun.

[Basic Rules]
1. MTF cannot team with SCPs or Chaos.
2. Don't sabotage a Class D or Scientist being detained by Chaos or MTF. (don't let them free purposely and just shoot them)
3. Chaos are allowed to team with SCPs. (They don't have to though)
4. Class D are allowed temporary alliances with SCPs. (Not the whole game unless they turn into Chaos)
5. No toxicity or such. (Just not needed)
6. Mic Spamming a radio is allowed but if someone asks you to stop.. just do.
9. No camping spawns
10. You're allowed to use soundboards, but if asked to stop please comply.

Other than that have fun! If any rules are broken let us know and a active Mod or Admin will deal with it.

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