Click here for Discord invite or go to https://discord.gg/S5JAdW4bB8

<b>Server Features

1. Hosted in UK
2. Auto warhead activation at 30 minutes
3. No Friendly Fire
4. 5 second spawn protection
5. Friendly community :)
6. AFK kick

Server Rules
1. Cheating and exploiting are strictly prohibited.

2. Phishing, scamming, and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.

3. No personal attacks, harassment, etc.

4. Racist, discriminating, and offensive contents are strictly prohibited.

5. Harassment, toxicity, and baseless out-of-game accusations against other players are strictly prohibited.

6. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.

7. Mic spamming is prohibited in all channels.

8. Advertisements, is allowed but must be kept within reason.

9. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited.

10. Use common sense.

11. Teaming is not allowed (expect Chaos Insurgency with SCPS).

12. No sabotaging your team (Scp-079 using tesla gates to kill fellow Scps, etc).

- If you meet any rule breakers report them on Discord in the appropriate channels.

- Most importantly enjoy your stay in the UNITED NATIONS!