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violet0418 - Owner
invaderaeve - Co-Owner
da_glitchers - Events & Public Relations Manager
axlebob - Security and Information Officer

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No Rules?

There are NO gameplay rules. Some commonly moderated topics that are NOT moderated here include:

- Gameplay Style (e.g. combat 049, killing or sparing all opposing team, taking it slow, role playing)
- Voice Chat Usage (e.g. micspam, soundboard use)
- Metagaming (Dealing with unpredictability should be in a part of your skillset when playing SCP:SL)
- Teaming (Any class is permitted to team with any class)


There are certain behaviors that are not tolerated:

- Exceptional Griefing/Harrasment (Repeatedly attacking someone in voice chat or in game, in a manner clearly not intended to be banter).
- Doxxing
- Cheating
- Extreme language (sexual, racial slurs)
- Slandering or badmouthing any other SCP:SL server
- And any other behaviour which is strictly prohibited by EULA

All of the above behaviours are against the SCP:SL EULA, and will get you removed, with any other necessary follow up actions being taken.

Why "No Rules"?

No Rules SCP is an SCP Server aimed at allowing the highest possible freedom for players and how they approach the game. We are dedicated to compromising as little as possible.

Our name ‘No Rules’ signifies our core approach to moderation and our hesitation in dictating a singular way players should behave in-game. As such we have no rules on voice chat usage, gameplay style and out of game communication. That being said, there are some clear exceptions we must abide by to allow for a healthy server environment.


Normally, teamkilling is left unmoderated and up to players to sort between themselves (usually it is banter and both sides are laughing!). However in exceptional or utterly unfair circumstances, any necessary action may be taken by fellow staff which may include the following but are not limited to:

- Respawning the victims
- Mediating a conversation between the team killer and victim where there is misunderstanding or grudges are held.
- Giving the team killer a suitable punishment (typically the shitter role) where all conversation is exhausted AND/OR the team killer is uncooperative.

People with the shitter role are affected in the following ways:

- Can no longer deal friendly fire damage
- Can be team killed without consequence

In general as long as you're not being a total arse then you should not encounter any issues while playing on our server.

We hope your time with us is a blast!