<b> Ryv's Realm <b>

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<B> Rules: <b>
1. No racism, homophobia or discrimination. We allow everyone!
2. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to quiet down, do so.
3. No 079 team killing (tesla gates)
4. No KOS D-Class unless they are dangerous or aren't following orders. Cuffed D-Class should not be shot.
5. No cross-teaming (SCP & MTF, Scientists, Security). Chaos and SCP's are allowed to team.
6. Listen to staff at all times.
7. Do not sabotage friendlies by closing doors or changing 914 settings.
8. Rules can always be updated, staff's say is final. <b>

<B> Plugins: <b>
- Assist Infection (This shows a countdown on how long you have to bring back someone as a zombie as 049.)
- Better SCP 939 (939 is 25% smaller, faster and gets stronger the more damage it takes from humans.)
- Better Sinkholes (Sinkholes in LCZ similar to SCP: CB. These slow you down and going too far in will take you to the pocket dimension.)
- Buddy System (This allows you to be on the same role as friends. you use it by opening up the panel and doing .buddy (name) and to accept .baccept)
- Remote Keycards (This allows you to open doors without the required keycard in your hand, it can just be in your inventory.)
- SCPUTILS (This helps us run the server.)
- Serpent's Hand (This can spawn Serpent's hand instead of chaos, their job is to work with the scps and kill everyone else.)
- AFK replacer (This will kill someone if they are afk for over 45 seconds, this allows someone to replace them. You can bypass this with the patreon.)
- 012 (Added soon.)
- Hats (This adds hats that follow you around, you can access this through our patreon) <B>