Make sure to join the discord at (click it)!

Chronicles of a D-Boy is a server that is generally more relaxed, but breaking any rules will be punished harshly:

1. <indent=5%>Swear words are fine but do NOT use any racial slurs.</indent>
2. <indent=5%>Hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated. Do not make any offensive remarks on age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.</indent>
3. <indent=5%>You must be at least 13 years old to play on this server or use the discord. Steam requires you to be this age, so there's no reason for anyone under 13 to be playing this game.</indent>
4. <indent=5%>Friendly-fire is on and allowed, but you are not allowed to team-kill a large number of players or target a speicifc player that is on your team over multiple rounds/spawns.</indent>
5. <indent=5%>While not technically a rule, it is encouraged to use a detainer over a gun whenever possible. It makes the game more fun and interesting. You're probably going to get killed the next time you spawn in if you massacre the ClassD.</indent>
6. <indent=5%>Don't micspam or play music unless the players around you are okay with it. Playing music on the intercom is fine as long as it's good, but don't micspam.</indent>
7. <indent=5%>Teaming is okay, so long as you aren't prolonging the game or helping the players you're teaming with kill other players on your team.</indent>

Chronicles of a D-Boy also has a ton of cool plugins that'll make the game more fun to play. You can read more about them below, and get more information on how to use them:

1. <indent=5%>Buddy> - Buddy is a plugin that lets you pair up with a friend and spawn as the same team. You'll both be able to play together as the same role (or a random SCP if you or your friend gets SCP). All you have to do is open up the gameconsole by pressing the ~ key, then typing in ".buddy <friends name>" (without the quotes), replacing "<friends name>" with the name of the friend you would like to play with. Then, your friend will have to open the gameconsole and type ".baccept" (again, without quotes)</indent>
2. <indent=5%>SCP Swap - SCP Swap let's you change the SCP you're playing in. If you want to change your SCP, just open the gameconsole by pressing the ~ key, then type in ".scpswap <SCP>" (without quotes), replacing "<SCP>" with the SCP you would like to play as. If a player is already that SCP, they will have to accept the request and will change roles with you, but if it's empty, your role will be changed immediately.</indent>
3. <indent=5%>PFE - ;)</indent>
4. <indent=5%>Chopper Drop - Chopper Drop is a plugin that will call a chopper to resupply MTF units with weapons and other items.</indent>
5. <indent=5%>BetterSCP939 - BetterSCP939 is a plugin that will upgrade SCP-939. It is faster, stronger, and will gain AHP if being shot at.</indent>
6. <indent=5%>Doc Reword - Doc Reword is a plugin that makes SCP-049 able to heal its zombies in a radius around it.</indent>
7. <indent=5%>Stalky 106 - Stalky 106 is a plugin that allows 106 to teleport or "stalk" a random player by double tapping the "Create Portal" button.</indent>