Xenon Gaming Inc is a new SCP server. Everything is still being sorted out as far as mods wise but that should not affect functionality. We are more community focused as we want you to make suggestions of future mods and rules to add to the server.

This server will be receiving mods in the near future. As of now it is basic vanilla.

I hope you guys enjoy and if there is any issue for any reason please join the discord: https://discord.gg/VJb6jUdCXg

There rules of the server will be below.

1.Cheating and exploiting is a PERMANENTLY BANNABLE OFFENSE.
2.Phishing,scamming, and any other ILLEGAL activities is ZERO TOLERANCE.
3.Racism, discrimination, and other offensive content is ZERO TOLERANCE.
4.Harassment,Toxicity,and baseless out-of-game accusations against others is not allowed.
5.Staff or player impersonation is a BANNABLE OFFENSE.
6.Mic spamming i.e. soundboards is OK as long as it is NOT in radio. Ear rape or some overplayed spam sounds will result in a kick and continuous offenses will result in a ban.
7.Advertisements to and from other servers is NOT TOLERATED it will result in a ban.
8.Teaming and camping are allowed if they do not lead to round delays.
9.False reporting and abuse of the in-game reporting function is NOT allowed.
10.Announcing mods with hidden tags is NOT allowed. Interfering with a moderators job is also NOT allowed.
11.Encouraging others to violate server rules will lead to you receiving the same punishment as the violator.

As of now these rules are the baseline rules for the server. If you feel that the rules are unfair feel free to contact me or the staff team via discord.

DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT give me stupid rule suggestions to waste my time or it will result in a BAN.