Hello, Welcome to [AU] Site-17! (alternative server)
Please read all the server configs and rules to know everything about this server.

1. No bullying, it's not fun, if its just a joke, it ok.
2. Teaming, Teaming is only allowed by the following: Class-D's and Scientists can work together but on the exit, one of them needs to be disarmed.
(Btw disarmed switch-team is enabled on this server) CI and SCP's can team cuz the CI are not targets to SCP's duh. Guards, and MTF are only allowed to let Class-D escape if they are disarmed/tied up.
3. Report door glitches to Staff members or mainly to TotallyNotAnSCP as they know what to do in a situation like that. (Destroying all doors [: )
4. Swearing is allowed on this server, please read next rule for the words allowed.
5. The following Swear-words is NOT allowed, The N word and FA Word. - The rest are fine.
6. Don't be racist. Not only that the N-word is not allowed, please respect all everyone - this includes cultures and belives.
7. Read Server configs to identify what server this server is. (You might get mixed up.)
8. Have Fun screaming and betraying your friends by letting them die to an SCP.
9. Please do not advertise this server, just let people find it themselves! (if you are inviting friend(s), that's ok)
10. Staff Are allowed to abuse admin but not too much.
11. there is no rule 11, it just popped there somehow.


LCZ-Decon - There's no LCZ Decon cuz the Facility Manager didn't pay the bill for LCZ Gas Bill! :classdshook:
So, have fun upgrading your card at SCP-914. and micro i guess. :SCP106sweating:

Alpha Warhead Timer: The timer is 120 Seconds cuz yes

Alpha Warhead messages - There are custom messages when the Alpha Warhead goes off! (Not a plugin)

Spawnwaves: Spawnwaves have 2-min max, so every 2 mins or so, a spawnwave occurs - this is desinged to make sure everyone plays.
Nobody likes long respawns. (Opinion)

Ammo limit: No ammo limit cuz why not? & all classes are given (almost) Inf ammo!

Map ID: The Map ID is always the same to help rounds go by faster. (Hint: Smallest layouts of each zone; EZ: Line, HCZ: Line, LCZ: Class-D right turn)


DISCORD: There is no discord on an Alt Server!
EVENTS: Staff will host events if they get bored. or they did it.

NOTE: (This server was mainly for my mates to play on but anyone can play)