Welcome to Epic Laboratory!

You can contact me on discord, "kai <3#6641" The discord invite link is below!

Invite: Epic Laboratory Discord! <== Click to join our Discord!
1: Basic Rules
Events can occur if an admin is on and everyone agrees

1. Listen to Staff, their choice is final.
2. Do not disrespect Staff.
3. Do not steal other player’s items in 914.
4. Don't make fun of or harass anyone in any way.
5. Don't Mic spam in Spectator chat or in any other global communications except for intercom, however keep it to a minimum.
6. Do not earrape, this includes any extremely loud sounds played through the microphone.
7. Don't ask admins for items or for admin privileges on the server.
8. Do not kill yourself if you are SCP, this includes 049-2
9. KOS is allowed, however if the personnel is detained you may not shoot them.
10. No offensive slurs or any other controversial content is allowed on the server.
11. No intentional team sabotage. This includes not closing doors or elevators on teammates to leave them behind.
12. Please use common sense when reading these rules, admins have the final choice on all moderation situations.
13. If an admin is speaking to another player, do not kill the player or the admin. Also do not wait by the player till the admin is done speaking with them, this is incredibly frustrating and will not be tolerated.
14. Do not impersonate staff or known users. You will be removed; and asked to change your username. On fifth offense you will be permanently banned.
15. Do not self-advertise.
2: Server Plugins
- AdminTools
- Respawntimer
- SCP-1162
- RemoteKeycard
- TargetDoor
- ScpChatExtension
- SpectatorList
- Better079
- RainbowTags 
<color=green>- Lone079

- HorrorSounds