Welcome to Epic Laboratory!

You can contact me on discord, "@z5tm" The discord invite link is below!

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1: Basic Rules
Events can occur if an admin is on and everyone agrees

1. Listen to Staff, their choice is final. 

2. Do not disrespect Staff. 

3. Do not steal other player’s items in 914.

4. Don't Be Excessively Toxic.

5. No offensive slurs or any other controversial content is allowed on the server. 

6. Do not be excessively sexual, jokes are fine any mentions of pedophilic ideas will be met with an instant ban.

7. Do not Mic spam in Spectator, SCP, or RADIO chats, proximity chat is fine.

8. Do not excessively ear rape, this includes any extremely loud sounds played through the microphone. 

9. Don't ask admins for items nor admin privileges on the server.

10. Do not kill yourself if you are SCP, this includes 049-2.

11. KOS is allowed, however, you may not shoot detained Facility Guards, D-Class, or Scientists for any reason. If the individual is not cooperating after detainment, the first person to detain them may shoot them, however, this is the ONLY exception.

12. Do not stall the round in any way, this includes but is not limited to, camping, teaming, and abusing SCP-268 (The Hat) to avoid people entirely.

13. No intentional team sabotage. This includes closing doors or elevators on teammates to leave them behind.

14. Please use common sense when reading these rules, admins have the final choice in all moderation situations.

15. Cross teaming with other classes is only allowed under certain circumstances, and generally will fall to staff discretion.


1. Although staff have the final decision, if you feel it’s an abuse of power, report it to a higher-ranking staff member.
2. While staff know to tolerate a certain level of ‘joking’, repeating this behavior will result in punishment.
3. At no point in time is it funny, or acceptable to steal players' items'.
4. Toxicity is fine in moderate amounts, and joking is fine, but you have to be clear about your joking, and if it’s taken the wrong way that’s on you.
5.a Controversial content is generally considered important debates in modern times, religious talk, and political talk. It’s fine if you express your views, but don’t force it on others, or disrespect their beliefs.
6 Sexual jokes are fine, just don’t be overly weird about it, it’s not as funny as you think.
6.b Additionally, even suggesting that you would say a slur is punishable.
7. Mic spam in global chat is acceptable as long as it’s a short meme and nobody has an issue with it, but this does not mean you should always be attempting to micspam.
8. Playing short ear-rape audio in proximity chat can be funny, but if you are ear-raping for extended periods you will be muted without hesitation.
9. Asking admins for items, roles on the server, or privileges is incredibly annoying, and will not be tolerated.
10. Killing yourself as an SCP is an inconvenience for your team and our staff.
10.b Even if you don’t want to be 049-2, getting yourself killed intentionally is not tolerated as it’s very frustrating.
11.a The first person to detain an individual can change, and will change via the original detainer dying, going to another zone through an elevator, or extreme distances. Pretty much anything that will force an undetain. Undetaining someone to kill them is not tolerated, and will be followed with a more extreme punishment.
11.b Telling someone to get themselves killed though and them not listening is NOT considered being uncooperative.
12. Camping is considered stalling the round, and you will be considered camping if you remain in one area for longer than 5 minutes.
12.b Abusing SCP-268 only refers to EXTREME cases, meaning one person survives several spawn waves purely because of the hat. We aren’t attempting to stop people from using it, just from stalling the round because of it.
13. Team sabotage is incredibly annoying, and closing elevators and doors on friendly teammates will not be tolerated, I assure you, we will find out if you shut the elevator on the spawn wave.
14. If you don’t have some level of common sense then you shouldn’t be online at all.
2: Server Plugins
- AdminTools
- <s>SCP-1162</s> BROKEN
- <s>RemoteKeycard</s> BROKEN
- <s>TargetDoor</s> BROKEN
- <s>ScpChatExtension</s>
- RainbowTags