Welcome to C0deGames! Rules are below:
Rule 1: Be a nice person.
Rule 2: If you are AFK for 2 minutes or more you will be kicked.
Rule 3: Don't scream into your microphone so loud that you make everyone want to kill you.
Rule 4: Please just don't cheat, it ruins the game for others.
Rule 5: If you see a D-Class as MTF, NTF, etc. Don't just stand there and do nothing! Detain them or gun em' down.
(I like to gun em' down)
Rule 6: No Racial Slurs, I wish I didn't have to make that a rule but people are not that kind.
Rule 7: Don't be sexist. Again, I wish I didn't have to make that a rule but people judge others.
Rule 8: Just have fun!
You can join our Discord too! https://discord.gg/WdMNJUW
(It may take up to an hour for a role to be given to you since there's only two people who can manage roles)
If the server disconnects you, try again in a minute or two because it's most likely restarting or if you did something that causes extreme lag on most servers you may have crashed it. if it crashes, just try again in a minute or two, I've most likely started the server back up.