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Here are the server rules:

1. Using cheats will result in perm ban and report to Northwood staff.

2. No homophobia, racism, sexism etc talk, this is strictly prohibited.

3. Stay in character inside RP unless you need to speak to an admin or moderator about something.

4. Use FearRP, value your life and be reasonably afraid to die.

5. Don't harass admins in game or out for something.

6. Don't use soundboards in RP, unless the hoster has permitted it.

7. Obey the chain of command, if your a private listen to your sergeant, if your sergeant listen to captain etc.

8. Staff have final say, however you can appeal with someone higher then them.

9. Follow the rules for your specific role given to you unless needing to talk to someone higher up.

10. Don't be a nuisance, not funny just annoying

11. breaking these rules will result in punishment.