[US-WEST] Universal Network

Rule Book
1.01 - NO disrespecting other members beyond the scope of Role playing
1.02 - NO Spam, Harassment, or other Toxic Behavior
1.03 - NO Disrespecting communities, Universal or otherwise, or otherwise attempting to start drama
1.04 - NO Impersonating staff in any way
1.05 - NO sending any form of pornography, gore, or other obscene material
1.06 - NO using any unrealistic/disruptive voice changer or soundboards
1.07 - Staff Word is final, do not argue with them.

[X-01] Jokes/Memes/Statements that are discriminatory against any race/disability/gender/etc.
- This applies when a clear intent exists to A) Troll, B) Harrass/Intimidate, or C) Promote hate towards any group.
- These are not allowed in ANY form. Other punishments are at staff discretion, up to Permanent ban.

[X-02] Publicly threatening self-harm or suicide. [SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255]

[X-03] Sending any content displaying or discussing child abuse of any kind [REPORT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT]

[X-04] Sending (or Threatening to send) any link to a virus, IP Collector, or other malicious material

[X-05] Use of any mod menu, injector, cheat, or other tool not provided by the server that can affect gameplay for others
- Includes using any client-side tool to gain an advantage in-game

[X-06] Abuse of any glitch or bug in SCP:SL, or the Server's Resources for personal gain, or to affect gameplay for others

[X-07] Threats or Acts of violence outside of the scope of roleplay

[X-08] Threats or attempts of DDoS, Hacking, or blackmail against the community and/or players

Contact Us
Discord: discord.gg/bsMNz6H3pz
Server Owner: blvck#6579