Welcome to Peachy!
Join our discord at discord.gg/Tmm4jKr
You can contact us with our email: [email protected]

Under new management!

Our rules for the server are as follows:
1. No Cheating or Exploiting of any kind.
2. Do not Troll or Grief anyone here, make every bodies experience nice and welcoming!
3. No Racism or acting Homophobic, opinions are fine but keep them to yourself, do not bring negativity into our servers.
-3.5. No Racial Slurs or Homophobic Slurs of any kind.
4. Do not attempt to have your teammates killed as a human and or SCP.
5. Do not Ear Rape or Mic Spam
6. Do not play music in Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, Radio Chat, or Intercom.
7. Do not Impersonate Admins
8. Do not Disrespect Admins or other Players.
9. Do not Threaten anyone on the server, or outside of the server, or the server itself.

We hope that you enjoy your time on our server and hope to see you on soon!