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-=[Our Rules]=-
[1.] Have some common decency.
[2.] KOS is allowed, but not encouraged.
[3.] Camping is allowed when used tactically.
[4.] Any form of Cheating is not allowed.
[5.] No SCP + 049-2 Suicide.
[6.] Mic-spam is only allowed in Proximity Channels.
[7.] Cross-teaming is not allowed at any point.
[8.] Listen to our active staff.

-=[Server Features]=-
[•] All Features from the Lite Server.
<indent=5%> Custom Inventories</indent>
<indent=5%> Remote Keycard</indent>
<indent=5%> Respawn Timer</indent>
[•] CustomItems Support (Sniper Rifles, Tranquilizers, Grenade Launchers, etc.)
[•] SCP-106 Stalk (4 players minimum)

If you wish to report any rulebreakers, cheaters, or unruly staff, you can contact the Server Head or any of our helpful High Ranking Staff on the Discord Server (see above for link + embed)