Welcome to The Stash!
-=[《Moderately Modded Madness》]=-

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-=[Upcoming Events/Important Info]=-

Nothing for now... In the meantime, our usual active hours are 2PM-10PM Eastern Standard Time.

also send help this community is best described as chaotic dumb

-=[Our Rules]=-

(Don't worry they're simple)

1. Be decent to others; this is a broad term, I am not putting every -ism here.
2. Respect Staff Decisions; If you're getting harassed by one, you probably did something wrong.
3. Camping or holding up the round is not allowed unless used tactically.
4. No exploits.
5. No suiciding as an SCP. This also includes leaving the game as or before becoming SCP-049-2.
6. No excessively annoying micspam. (especially in spectator and radio chat.)
7. Don't annoy, interrupt, or provoke active staff. Especially if we're handling rulebreakers.
8. KOS is allowed but not encouraged, HOWEVER executing, sacrificing, and/or telling compliant detainees to kill themselves is NOT allowed.
9. No Hacking or Cheating with any third-party programs. We will report you to Northwood.
10. No Teaming. Act within your team's expected behavior.
11. No ghosting alive players.
12. No using any found loopholes in the rules.

If you wish to report any rulebreakers, cheaters, or unruly staff, you can contact the Server Head or any of our helpful High Ranking Staff on the Discord Server (see title section for link/embed)

Upon joining, you agree to these rules regardless if you've read them or not. Failure to follow these rules are grounds to be despawned, kicked, or IP banned. Any further transgressions above these given punishments will result in an excuse to admin abuse.

-=[Features and Plugins]=-

Custom Loadouts - Exponentially better starting inventories!
Infinite Stamina - Self explanatory.
RemoteKeycard - You don't need to hold cards out when opening doors.
SCP-5854 - The Painkillers have been upgraded to instances of SCP-5854!
SCP-914 Redone - Adds new recipes to SCP-914.
Enhanced Disarming - MTF/Chaos can disarm each other to change teams.
CuffedTK - Cuffed Players cannot be harmed by the detainer's team.
WaitAndChill - Sit cozy in a lobby waiting while you hear people scream at each other.
RespawnTimer - Self explanatory.
Stalky106 - SCP-106 can warp to randomly chosen players.
PFE - Don't hug what used to be the Nut.
CFE - Flip a coin if you crave death.
<size=10>[REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE O2 COUNCIL]: --.. -.- -..- --. - .-- -..- .-.. .- - -.-. -..- ..- -..- -..- --. -.- -..- .-.. -- .... -.- -..- .-- -- .... -- .- -..- -... -.- -.-- .... -.- ..-. -..- -.- --.. . .... -.- .-. --. .... .--. ..-. .... -.- -..- -..- -.-- -.-- -..- ...- -- -... --- -..- - --.. - -... --. .-.. -- .-.. ...- .. .-.. </size=10>

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