Rules and Regulations:

1. Talking/ acting out Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, or other degrading topics will result in a ban
2. Do not advertise other servers, this offense will result in a kick
3. Do not impersonate other people, especially staff otherwise you could face a ban or kick depending on the severity
4. Please report all bugs or incidents to any staff or the discord server's SCP Secret Labs channels: Double Click Me
5. No Mic Spam on global channels, radio channels, spectator chat, or scp chat. You are allowed to mic spam in proximity chat. Breaking this rule will result in a kick or ban
6. No Cheating or Exploiting the game or its members, staff, and/or affiliates
7. MTF Cannot Team With SCP, CI, or Serpents Hand
8. CI cannot team with MTF, they can team with SCP or Serpents Hand(optional)
9. No KOS (Besides Rule 13)
10. You cannot kill detained or compliant personnel
11. Do not hold up the round, this makes the game less enjoyable for others. You will first be warned twice and then kicked
12. Don't be overly toxic
13. D-Class and Scientists are allowed to team but they are also allowed to KOS (No other classes are allowed to KOS)
14. Do not argue with staff members. If you have a problem take it up with a Game Server Moderator, Head Admin, or Myself(Krisp Klank#9957)
15 Feel free to send ban appeals to me (Krisp Klank#9957)

Better Sinkholes 2
Common Utilities
Remote Keycard
SCP 575
SCP 035
SCP Swap

Feel free to suggest more plugins in the discord server!

Discord Invite: Double Click Me