New Bounds SCP Servers

[Vanilla, No Friendly Fire]

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</color>Use your brain when you are on the server. Most of the rules will follow common sense and expect civil interactions.
</color>1.) No use of any racial slurs.

2.) Mic spam is bannable. This is playing loud and annoying music over the intercom or in spectator. You will be warned and risk a ban if it is continued.

3.) No disarming your teammates (Guards, Scientists, MTF or Chaos, D-Class).

4.) No holding up the round. Don't sit in one room if you are at low health or wait for help at one spot instead of looking for it.

5.) Do not act or claim that you are an admin.

6.) Follow the instructions of admins.

7.) Do not bully anyone. Joking around is permited.

8.) No hacking/exploiting the game.

9.) Do not encourage people to break the rules.

10.) Do not make any threats on the server. That being toward a player or the server.

11.) Do not spawn camp. Do not sit and wait for someone to spawn. If you happen to be walking by as they spawn you may kill them however.

12.) Do not spam reports. If you are found false reporting or spaming reports you risk the chance of being banned.