How nice of you to read this :) All important server info as of follows:
Discord invite:
Website: Under development

1. Using exploits to be in spots where SCPs cant reach you will result in punishment (unless otherwise specified)
2. Purposefully extending the round will result in being slain.
3. Advertising is not allowed, unless you get direct permission from an Admin.
4. Mic spam is allowed, however excessive use is not tolerated. Avoid it in SCP, Intermission & Spectator chat.
5. Teaming is not allowed, except for the following exceptions:
- It is an event round.
- Class D and Scientists can work together, but assisting in team killing is not allowed.
- SCPs and CI are allowed to work together, if there is only MTF, Scientists or Guards left.
6. All admin rulings are final. If you feel you have been mistreated please open a ticket in #appeals on Discord.

Game info:
This server is hosted in Sydney, Australia. This server is hosted out of pocket, and donations are greatly appreciated
SCP-106(Larry) is completely default as of now. There are two set exits, and leaving his pocket dimension will spawn you outside his room as I actually hate Larry.
Event rounds (whilst rare) can occur, join another server if you would not like partake in our terrible events.
Team killing is disabled. Throwing a grenade on MTF spawn (contrary to popular belief) is actually not funny.
Doors will NOT be permanency opened upon Alpha Warhead countdown. This is so that rounds are a bit quicker.

*All information is subject to change without warning, and we reserve the right to ban or kick any member if we think it's necessary.