Welcome to my server. Enjoy your stay. :)


- Use common sense.
- Don't be a dick.
- Don't intentionally team kill.
- Don't traitor-bait (pretend to be a traitor when you're not)
- Don't ghost (give information while dead).
- Don't try to ruin the fun for others.
- Don't attempt to break or cheat the game systems.
- Report any bugs (for a smoother experience).

Gameplay Mechanics
- Guns with random attachments spawn around the map.
- SCP-914, the Armory and SCP-012 are locked open permanently.
- SCP-914 is the Traitor Tester; it will notify nearby players when a Traitor is inside during the scan.
- Checkpoint A & B are Traitor rooms and can be opened only be traitors.
- Elevators can be used to teleport between traitor rooms.
- Detectives and Traitors can use .shop and .buy to buy items from the shop.

Karma System
- All players start with 1000 karma.
- Friendly fire reduces karma depending on the damage done.
- Lower karma will reduce the damage done on the following rounds.
- Too low karma will result in a ban.