<color=#00e3fc><align="center">Crazy Crypt
Frequent events
<color=#FF7518>STAFF ROLES:
<color=#00e3fc>The Administrator (Owner)
<color=#960018>The Engineer (Co-Owner)
<color=#000001>05 Council (Admins)
<color=#C0C0C0>Site Director (Head Moderator)
<color=#cc3146>Facility Manager (Moderator)
<color="purple">Do not impede your team's progress as SCP-079
Leave if you need to go AFK.
Do not mic-spam.
Do not abuse the intercom.
Swearing is allowed but don't be blatantly rude.
No homophobia, extremism, sexism etc. Just don't be discriminatory in any way.
Do not delay the round ending by hiding. You must attempt to escape as Scientists & Class-D Personnel.
Do not abuse the intercom system.
Do not play earrape through your microphone.
Soundboards are permitted, however don't be excessive with them or we will remove this privilege.
Don't use voice changers.
Try not to sabotage your team with items like the ghostlight.
<color="blue">MTF <color="purple">and <color=#41405e> FG <color="purple">can not KOS <color=#ff9100> Class-D.
<color="purple">Discord Link:
<color="orange">Contact email - [email protected]
<color="green">Feel free to contact me directly if you have any issues.
-Nine Tailed Fox Promotions