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Other social

[1]:Don't camp/ holding round up.

[2]: When you are playing music/soundboards. Don't play them on radio, scp chat, spectator chat, or intercom.

[3]: KOS (Kill On Sight) IS not allowed on the server on </i>
3a. D-Class Killing Scientists or cuff guards is kos, Scientists, Guards/MTF Killing D-Class is kos with is not allowed
3b. D-Class and Choas can kill Guards on sight as long if they don't surrender and if they are cuff.
3c. Chaos Insurgency are not allowed to kill Scientists. That is still KOS </color>
3e. IF the cuff D-class/scientists is running away from you like Blatantly running you can kill them
3f. If you are walking or running and you see a D-class holding a Gun You can shoot them
3h. Don't give unreasonable orders to Cuff personnel. (e.g Killing them self in game)
3i. When you are at the exit. Don't uncuff the cuff personally

[4]:Don't false surrender. (example: do say "I surrender" then Immediately shoot)

[5]: Any form of discrimination/harassment is not allowed. This also includes baiting with slurs, such as only saying half of the N word. No DOXing/leaking personal information.
5a. No Extreme threats towards players.
5b. No Staff Disrespect.
5c. No usage of pedophilic remarks or jokes regarding sexual conduct with children.
5c. No Joking about Tragic Events.

[6]: Teaming goes as follows:
6a. Zombies are allowed to team with any human class as long as it does not hold up the round.
6b. SCPs and MTF are not allowed to team.
6c. MTF and Chaos are not allowed to team (They are enemies after all).
6d. SCPs are allowed to spare Civilians.
6e. SCPs are allowed to ask for information regarding locations of targets except from Military personnel.</color>
6f. Classes except MTF/Guards are allowed to bargain for freedom, such as if they are stuck. Once they are free, they must split up or fight.

[7]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated.

[8]: If you are playing and you see and content creator. Don't Target them

9a. If you are in trouble and get pull to talk about what you did. Don't leave to avoid punishment (LTAP).
No False Usage Of the Report System. Use the Report system if you need to report a player.