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[1]: Don't try hide to stall the round.

[2]: When playing soundboards or music. Don't play it on the intercom or in dead chat.

[3]: KOS (Kill On Sight) will not be tolerated on the server. he is some more information
about KOS. </i>

3a. Guards, scientist and MTF are not allowed to kill D-class on sight.
3b. Choas and D-class are not allowed to kill scientist on sight
3c. If a D-class or scientist have a gun out or they are running away from you after you told them to stop. you can Kill them.
3b. You cuff a D-class or scientist don't give unreasonable request.
3b. Don't uncuff D-class or a scientist at the exit to put them on the enemy team.

[4]: Don't false surrender. (example: do say "I surrender" then Immediately shoot)

[5]: don't use discrimination phrase. That will not be tolerated on the server.
5c. Don't harassment players.
5a. Don't make Threats towards players. (joke threats are alright)
5b. Don't disrespect our staff members
5c. Don't make any sexual joke involving kid
5c. Don't sexual harassment players.
5c. No DOXing or leaking personal information about a player.
5c. Do not joke about Tragic events.

[6]: The rules for Teaming
6b. MTF are not allowed to team with SCP or team with Choas.
6b. Choas are allowed to team with SCP if they are no longer targets.
6d. SCP can spare Humans with they want. </color></size>
6e. SCP are allowed to talk or get Information about targets from MTF/Choas or foundation personnel. </color>

[7]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated.

[8]: when you are playing on the server and you see a content creator or a game developer. Don't target them.

8a. If you are in trouble, don't leave The game to avoid getting punishment. You will still get punish.
8a. Don't make joke reports. use the report system if you see someone breaking the rules.