Thaumiel Servers

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Official Successor of The Shy Guy One
Here at Thaumiel servers We hope to host a great community
surrounding our server with great staff and great events.
We take all reports seriously here at Thaumiel servers
and wish you have a great time playing!

1. Have common Sense
2. No KOS
2.1 Kos applies to all but SCPs and Serpents hand.
2.2 Kos Doesn't apply if you use Candy, or Tesla's
3. No slurs (if you have questions, please ask the staff team)
3.1 No slurs are to be allowed in songs or soundboards.
4. You must be at least the age of 13 to play on this server.
5. Exploiting glitches will be punished.
6. No encouraging people to break the rules.
7. If you are delaying a round you will be put into spectator.
8. Do not falsely report someone or spam report

Notable Plugins.
1. Uncomplicated Custom Items.
2. Uncomplicated Custom Roles.
3. Scpswap.
4. Respawn Timer
5. Spies
6. Map Editor Reborn
7. SCP 294

Although this isn't a rule, we ask that you only speak English in this server.
If you wish to report a staff member, please join the discord and read the instructions.