The Shy Guy One

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1. Do as the admin/mods say at all times
2. No killing on sight unless they aren't cooperating.
Not cooperating as in shooting / pulls out a gun or running away or not following you.
KOS does not apply if you kill a mtf and are chaos or vice versa
KOS does not apply to SCP's.
KOS Using a jailbird, micro etc. Still applies
3. No Slurs Or Racism even in music playing in the background.
4. Being under 13 will result in a ban.
5. No exploiting glitches
6. No encouraging people to break the rules.
7. No intentionally killing your teammates as SCP.
Such as locking them in a room and letting them die in decontamination
Sending down the elevators so they can’t escape decontamination
8. Do not say any NSFW or any other inappropriate content. This rule also includes any sentences portraying sexual arousal or sexual
This includes key-cards.