[UK] Roxy's Refuge BETA


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1. Absolutely no discrimination or hatespeech is tolerated, these rules are enforced harshly.
2. Do not Micspam/play music in SCP Chat or Radio or Spectator chat, this can be annoying.
3. No teaming between any classes unless for bargaining, for instance you can't team up with an SCP for no reason to hunt down your own team.
4. KOS is allowed unless the person is being compliant while cuffed.
5. Team sabotage, for example giving a d-class a gun to kill other scientists is not allowed.
6. No teamkilling directly or indirectly on purpose, for example killing other SCP's as 079 using a tesla gate. ClassD on ClassD is allowed.
7. Keep soundboards to a minimum, if someone asks you to lower the volume or stop entirely listen.
8. Do not stream snipe or ghost player locations.
9. Rules can always be updated and staff's say is final.


- CrazyPills (Eating painkillers can do tons of things that will help you or hurt you.)
- TryNotToCry+ (096 can go quiet on ANY wall.)
- FragsAffectGates (Grenades will shortly open up 914 and other gates.)
- FFOnEnd (Friendly fire will turn on at the end of the round.)
- UnlimitedRadioBattery (Radios do not lose battery.)
- Class Broadcast (MTF and Guards will be notifed to not KOS cuffed ClassD on spawn.)
- SCPStats (Tracks your stats and also gives you a discord role if inside the discord.)
- CommonUtils (Allows for a bunch of behind the scenes things.)
- Remotekeycard (You can open doors without holding your keycard.)
- 106RecontainmentRework (The femur breaker will not be active for 8 minutes after the start of the round.)
- UltimateAFK (Being afk for 65 seconds will kill you, you can bypass this with a patreon rank.)
- 914 changes (Coins on fine create new items and going in 914 on rough will kill you and on coarse will tp you out.)
- PFE (173 Explodes lmao.)
- serpents hand (Class can spawn that can kill EVERYTHING, except SCP's)
- Left Hand (Typing .lefthand in your console does a funny.)