Larry's Lawn

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1. Cross Teaming is allowed, but don't always do it.
1b. Do not cross team if it is holding up the round.
1c. Make sure the teams make sense before you team. (F1)

2. Do not suicide as SCPs. It takes the fun out of the game. Ex; suicide as SCP-049-2.

3. Any form of team killing is prohibited, and will lead to a kick. Ex; intentionally activating tesla gate as 079 when an SCP is going through.

4. Do not KoS (Kill on Sight). Give someone a chance to surrender. If they have the KoS tag then you can Kill on Sight.

5. No ghosting. (Telling others vital info as a spectator when they are spawned in via Discord, Teamspeak, etc.)

6. Any form of modding is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

7. You can use a soundboard, but do not use it in Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, or radio. (Using it on intercom is fine but don't be annoying.)
7a. Do not play earrape. It hurts peoples ears and is annoying

8. Do not be offensive, ex; being racist, using racial slurs, playing racist songs.

9. Staff have the final say. Respect their decision and listen to staff.

This is a modded server so gameplay will be different than vanilla gameplay.