Server Rules
- Please make sure to only speak english to ensure that everyone can understand you.
- Make sure to be respectful.
- Stealing items from 914 is not allowed.
- Racism, homophobia, transphobia, heterophobia and any forms of prejudice based on identity/preference is against the rules.
- Do not promote or advertise servers, social media, etc. without express permission of a staff member.
- Any kind of modifications that give you advantage over other players are not allowed. Intentional Bug usage is not allowed either.
- Killing or continuously shooting people from your own team is against the rules.
- Use common sense.
- Arrested Class D personnel is required to follow instructions given by the authorised personnel as long as the instructions don't cross the server rules. The personnel is permitted to kill the Class D personnel, if instructions are not being followed.
- If someone asks you to stop, please stop.
- Camping at spots is allowed as long as it is not longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
- Please make sure not to continuously play music through your microphone or scream / speak loudly. Short sounds and excerpts of a song are allowed depending on the situation. Any kind of voice changers are not allowed to be used.
- You are not permitted to use any kind of software to exchange information from the game. [Metagaming | Ghosting]
- Teaming with other groups is not allowed. Exceptions are:
. Serpent's Hand has to team up with the SCP's and terminate all other existing human beings.
. Class D personnel and Scientists are authorized to team up and are not forced to kill each other.
. Security Guards and the Mobile Task Force have to team up with Scientists. Arresting the Class D personnel is not necessary.