Memed Modem
<align="center"><size=24>Please read the rules below!

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General server Rules

1. No cheating, cheating can result in a global ban and ban your steam account from SCP: SL!
2. No malicious intent allowed, DDOSing is not allowed, also doxing users information, WARNING: If an admin is caught abusing their powers REPORT IT ON THE DISCORD!-Not In Game!
3. It is all about fun, do not harass or be homophobic around others.
4. Please do not be inappropriate, do not draw inappropriate content on walls.
5. Do not team with SCP's if you are with the foundation (does not count for D Class)
6. Do not be obnoxious, Microphone spamming is not allowed on intercom, radio,
spectator chat, tutorial room, and SCP Chat
7. Do not abuse in game bugs (this includes using wall jumps and other exploits), it will result in a full week ban!
8. Do not use soundboards in spectator chat
9. Do not KOS!

Shop Event Rules (NEW!)_______________
-In the shop event you are to use a chosen currency that is hidden around the map
-The chosen currency will be decided at the beginning of the event(by default it is a keycard)
-The head admin "Milk" will be the shop keeper unless said otherwise(That means there is only ONE person controlling the shop at a time)
-In keycard form the items you can get from the type of card very from 1-12 as that is the number of
card types their are.
-If you are lucky enough to find a 05 you can have the choice to work in the shop, or trade for chaos card
-If you are to find a chaos key card it has the power to give you bypass, or near god mode (30,000hp)
-Scp's are no longer a part of this event, besides zombie which you can obtain with the "chaos card"
IF YOU ARE AN ADMIN, and want to participate in the event, you are not allowed to use your powers in any way!
If you are caught abusing your powers you will be banned for the duration of the event!

<color=blue><size=25>Server info

This server uses a coin flip mod for 106's room, an Exiled plugin.
If you want us to add a plugin please link it in the suggestions channel in our discord
If you want to sync your role in our discord, or appeal a ban, you'll need to reply to the account "Hacker_tx", or "gaming".