<size=75>Welcome to SCP:230's Purgatory!!
<size=12>Please take a moment to read our rules
1. Have common sense: Our staff is not a babysitting service and we will not hesitate to kick players who violate

2. Don't Bully Others: This is basically rule 1 except these offences are grounds for instant banning. Any bullying that concerns race, sex, gender, orientation, etc will result in an instant (minimum of...) 1 day ban. Try to avoid jokes that concern these issues as staff have FULL discretion

3. KOS: Thou shall not kill unarmed D-Class. Kill anyone else but D-Class are too easy

4. Teaming: Team all you want. I don't care. Don't let it violate any of the other rules and your good.

5. Ghosting: Ghosts can't talk. We here at 203's Purgatory do not allow outgoing calls to the underworld.

6. Rounds: Don't hold up the round. Everyone is already sad that they didn't get SCP. Don't prolong that pain.

7. TL;DR: Anything that will get you in trouble on other servers will get you in trouble on here most of the time. Staff has full discretion ALWAYS but must list a reason for a ban and, if you believe that they are abusing their power or are violating a rule themselves, feel free to reach out.

<size=25>Thank you for taking the time to read the rules!

<size=25> CURRENT STAFF:
<size=12> Trisha Paytas - GOD - The Original and Current Server Owner
<size=20> OPEN POSITIONS: <size=12>
Senior Admin,<color=yellow>Admin,<color=green>Technician,<color=blue>Mod (2),<color=purple>Junior Mod (3),<color=white> and Fans.

The application process for a staff position is in game at this moment and can be requested directly from the Owner ("GOD" tag). Requirements include a mic, access to discord, a regular schedule, knowledge of the rules, and knowing the code "096" from this document.

<size=50>THANK YOU