Hello! Welcome to A Normal Server.
Come and join the discord server! https://discord.gg/DjHzN2cufQ

1). No toxicity isn't permitted on this server.
a. Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, are all offenses met with immediate punishment.
b. Swearing is okay on occasion, if you want to make a joke go ahead just don't turn into Gordan Ramsey.
c. Eating your microphone is not funny.
d. Do not mic-spam in Intercom, SCP Chat, or Spectator Chat, it is alright in proximity & radio.

2). Teaming is allowed, however you may not.
a. Hold up the round.

3). Do not sabotage your team.
a. Do not close doors on your team. (Elevators do not count.)
b. Don't purposely get your team killed.

4). Wall art is allowed however, NO NSFW.
a. Refrain from writing profanities.

5). Staff have final say, however if you feel as if a staff has done something wrong please come report it to us!
a. Just a tip, staff doing anything that changes the game (Spawning items, godmode, force classing, etc) is a punishable offence for them!

6). No KOSING Class-D or Scientists.
a. Rule does not apply if they have weapons or pose a threat.
b. Rule does not apply if they are not cooperating.

7). No killing detained Class-D or Scientists.
a. Unless they aren't cooperating

8). No hacking.
a. This should be obvious to everyone.

9). No holding up the round/camping.
a. If you locked yourself in a room to hide for more than 5 the door will be opened.
b. If you locked yourself in a room to hide for more than 5 minutes you will be punished (Minorly).
c. If you were trapped in a room and you have no choice but to hold up the round, the door will be opened and you will have no punishment.

10). Do Not kill yourself or leave the game to avoid being a class you don't like.
a. I'm talking to you 049-2.
b. Obviously if you have to go you can freely leave.

By playing this server you agree to the rules and are subject to punishment if violated.