welcome to joe bidens real scpsl server. (frfr on god no cap)


1) Use common sense.
1-A) No slurs, hate speech, or harassment.
1-B) No voice changers.
1-C) Listen to staff.
2) Don't kill cuffed Class-D or Scientist.
2-A) Unless they're running away, then gun them down.
2-B) If they're the last one left, just kill them.
3) If you hack, you'll be sent to Joe Biden's basement.
4) Don't mic spam on intercom, otherwise you'll get trolled.
5) Teaming is fine as long as it doesn't hold up the round.
6) ISTG if you camp Alpha-Warhead, I'll throw hundreds of balls in there and lock you in.
7) If friendly-fire is enabled by accident, don't TK, unless it's funny.
8) Don't team-kill as marshmallow man.
9) No ban evading
10) No squeakers

other than that god bless america and god bless the troops.