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[1] Be Respectful to Others
[2] No slurs, rape jokes, etc.
[3] No mass Team Kill
[4] Teamkill is only okay when both parties are okay with it (when it's funny)
[4a] D Class TK is allowed, but is still auto-flagged as TK
[4b] Do not kill detained individuals if they are following orders
[5] Team Greif is not allowed (ex. closing doors on teammates)
[6] Don't camp, delay, or try to disrupt the flow of the game
[7] Teaming is only okay when it doesn't disrupt the game and it's short term
[8] Soundboards are only allowed in proximity chat. Don't earrape (play/make loud noises)
[8a] Soundboards are only okay over intercom when they aren't too distracting/loud, or are just short sounds/clips
[9] Scp/zombie suicide is not allowed
[10] You must be english speaking for moderation reasons
[11] Don't cheat/exploit (duh)
A more detailed list can be found on our Discord Server (still being worked on)

Things to Note
- Staff are allowed to abuse when there are 10 or less people on the server to keep things interesting.
- This does not mean that staff are allowed to give themselves advantages, or make the game unplayable or not fun. If staff are overly abusing, then you can report them and it will be looked into.
- 914 upgrades any items in your hand or on ground
- Rough on 914 gives you a 50% chance of being teleported to D-class spawn, and a 100% chance if you are an SCP
- To swap as an SCP, press "~" and type ".swap [SCP number]" to swap
- You can report other players by pressing "n" and clicking the warning symbol


last updated 9/29/22