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[1] Be Respectful to Others
[2] No slurs, rape jokes, etc.
[3] No mass Team Kill
[4] Teamkill is only okay when both parties are okay with it (when it's funny)
[4a] D Class TK is allowed, but is still auto-flagged as TK
[4b] Do not kill detained individuals if they are following orders
[5] Team Greif is not allowed (ex. closing doors on teammates)
[6] Don't camp, delay, or try to disrupt the flow of the game
[7] Teaming is only okay when it doesn't disrupt the game and it's short term
[8] Soundboards are only allowed in proximity chat. Don't earrape (play/make loud noises)
[8a] Soundboards are only okay over intercom when they aren't too distracting/loud, or are just short sounds/clips
[9] Scp/zombie suicide is not allowed
[10] You must be english speaking for moderation reasons
[11] Don't cheat/exploit (duh)
A more detailed list can be found on our Discord Server (still being worked on)

Things to Note
- 914 upgrades any items in your hand or on ground
- Rough on 914 gives you a 50% chance of being teleported to D-class spawn, and a 100% chance if you are an SCP
- To swap as an SCP, press "~" and type ".swap [SCP number]" to swap
- You can report other players by pressing "n" and clicking the warning symbol


last updated 9/29/22