Charlie And Friends

Discord (WIP) (Clickable)

1. Micspam is not allowed even if in proximity or spectator/scp (no 079 micspam)
2. Don't be toxic
3. Don't bully people
4. No harassment
5. Teaming is only allowed if both sides benefit from it (Scps and chaos can always team, however they do not have to.)
6. Staff have the final say
7. Don't abuse exploits and no cheating
8. Don't be racist
9. No SCP suicide
10. No KOS
11. Don't kill compliant cuffed personnel
12. If your on the team of the cuffers, don't uncuff someone right before they escape.
13. Try not to disrespect staff to much
14. No camping
15. No delaying the end of the round
16. No teamkilling with no valid reasoning
17. Have fun, its the Charlie And Friends Server


Admin tools
Mapeditor reborn
(We cant find any more plugins that work sry)


Ordinal - Ordinal half life
Admin - The rank below Head admin.
Moderator - Moderates the server.
Charlie - Oh hey guys, I'm Charlie