Welcome to the Horse Factory
(Where we build horses)

Things to know about the server:
-There is a 25% chance that Chaos Insurgency will spawn in the place of Facility Guards at the beginning of a round!
-AFK players and disconnected players, will be replaced by a spectator!
-Auto Nuke will be engaged after 25 Minutes! (Auto Nuke cannot be turned off)
-Pink Candy can be found along other colors in SCP-330!
-SCP-049 in the server has the following:
-A Hume Shield.
-The ability to recall his zombies using the .recall command (can be used every 30 seconds)
-The ability to speak to humans.
-SCP-049-2 Instances can no longer kill themselves by falling off of the map or using tesla gates!
-SCP-173 can use the .vent command to teleport to another SCP during a time of need (can be used every 300 seconds)
-SCP-106 can use a stalk ability to teleport to targets every 90 seconds!
-All <#F00A0A>SCPs</color> can use the .unstuck command in the event that they get stuck in a room (They must have been stuck in the room for at least 300 seconds)
-Door Restart Systems will occur, temporarily locking all doors in the facility!
-The health for NTF Captains and Chaos Repressors has been slightly increased!
-Starting inventories for certain roles have been altered slightly!
-SCP-914 can now affect players and give effects under certain settings:
-Rough: Will kill players and SCPs instantly.
-Coarse: Will give negative effects to the player or SCP.
-One to One: Will change the team of certain roles and cause players to be exhausted temporarily.
-Fine: Will give positive effects to the player or SCP.
-Very Fine: Will upgrade certain roles, and give players SCP-207 effects temporarily.
(The coin, flashlight, and radio recipes have been completely changed)
-Some other small additions to the server:
-A respawn timer, and ticket count will be shown to spectators!
-Alive players will be able to see who is spectating them!
-A Kill Message will show to players who kill other players!