[EU-WEST] Frikandelbroodje Community [NL/ENG]

<size=130%>Rules and Guidelines

<size=115%>1. A working microphone is required
<size=85%>We require you to have a working mic so you can communicate with other players and staff.

<size=115%>2. You must speak Dutch or English on our server
<size=85%>Because we are based in the Netherlands our primary language is Dutch. English speakers are of course welcome here, too.

<size=115%>3. Content Rules (Voice Chat and Username Rules)
<size=85%>We do not allow racist/discriminatory language, NSFW content, or the use of the word cancer/kanker. Micspamming/earraping is also not allowed.
Do not promote or advertise any other SCP:SL or Discord servers, ask for permission if you want to advertise your content/stream.

<size=115%>4. Soundboard use and voice changers
<size=85%>Soundboards are generally allowed, unless asked to stop or used excessively (24/7 DJ’s or spam).
Voice changers are not allowed.
Soundboards are not allowed in the lobby, match-endings, radio, spectator- or SCP chat.
Soundboards are allowed on the intercom and on SCP-079’s speakers.

<size=115%>5. Teams and Teaming
<size=85%>SCP:SL is a team game, for this reason we have a few rules regarding teaming.
To ensure that these rules are understood clearly, here is a list of our teams:
• The Foundation: Scientists, Facility Guards and the MTF;
• The Opposition: D-Class and the Chaos Insurgency;
• SCP’s.

• The Opposition is allowed to team with SCPs;
• D-Class and Scientists are allowed to team up to reach a common goal (e.g. to survive);
• D-Class are not required to work together in Light Containment Zone (LCZ) and Pocket Dimension (PD). They may kill other D-Class in those zones, even if detained.

<size=115%>6. Team damage, sabotaging & trolling
<size=85%>You’re supposed to work together as a team, so don’t hurt or kill your teammates.
Do not sabotage/troll your teammates by: Closing the elevator too soon, closing doors on teammates or messing with SCP-914. Do not snitch your teammates to enemies or open doors to get them killed.

<size=115%>7. Do not kill detained players without a valid reason
<size=85%>Disarmed players should not be killed as long as they are following orders from the team that has captured them. They may be killed if they ignore orders or try to escape from/betray their disarmer.
Try to keep disarmed players disarmed if their original disarmer dies.

<size=115%>8. Ghosting and obtaining information
<size=85%>Communicating match info with other in-game players through methods outside of the game (e.g. Discord calls/Steam messages) is not allowed.

<size=115%>9. Camping
<size=85%>Do not excessively camp, as this may ruin the match for others. Staff may intervene in camping situations by broadcasting instructions, breaking/opening doors or teleporting players.
The Escape tunnel should not be camped at all.

<size=115%>10. Toxicity, negative behaviour and impersonation
<size=85%>Toxicity against our community or its members is not allowed, treat each other with respect. Do not help rulebreakers, impersonate others or encourage/bait people into violating our rules.

<size=115%>11. Staff orders and hindering moderation
<size=85%>Staff members are authorised to give reasonable orders to keep the peace in our servers, violation of these orders can result in punishment. Please do not disrupt the handling of ongoing reports.

<size=115%>12. Abusing glitches or exploits
<size=85%>The abuse of glitches/exploits in the game, our plugins or other services provided by Frikandelbroodje Community will be punished accordingly, please report bugs in our Discord Server. An example of an exploit is standing on spots that are not intended to be reached.

<size=115%>13. Loopholes, bypassing punishment and EULA
<size=85%>The use of loopholes in our server rules or attempting to bypass a ban will still result in punishment. Violations of the SCP:SL EULA are not allowed and will be reported to Northwood Studios.

<size=115%>14. Reporting users
<size=85%>Please use the in-game report system in a way that is useful for our staff. Describe what happened and how our server rules were violated. Proof of the violation can be shared in our Discord server. Abuse of our report system will be punished.