<align="center">[EU-WEST] Frikandelbroodje Community [NL/ENG]
<size=115%>- Discord:
- Website: https://frikandelbroodjecommunity.nl
- Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA07J7khbGs

<size=130%>Rules and Guidelines

<size=115%>You must speak either Dutch or English
<size=85%>Music or words in other languages are allowed but conversation must be held in either Dutch or English.

<size=115%>Do not micspam
<size=85%>You're allowed to use a soundboard/voice changer in normal (ranged) VC and in the Intercom but don't use it during events (unless allowed), in spectator mode, in SCP VC, and in radio. When someone asks you to stop using a soundboard/voice changer, then stop. Earrape hurts our ears and is therefore banned without exception.

<size=115%>You must have a microphone
<size=85%>You must have a working microphone to play on our servers, playing without a microphone will result in a ban. However, we do not force you to talk or communicate with other players.

<size=115%>Do not be toxic
<size=85%>This includes discrimination based on age, excessive/annoying micspam, toxic/offensive speech, having no regard for other players and use of racial/homophobic slurs. Saying the word "Cancer" or "Kanker" is also not allowed. Breaking this rule could lead to a ban depending on the severity.

<size=115%>Do not help rulebreakers
<size=85%>Assisting rulebreakers in their mayhem is also a punishable offense if deemed so by Staff.

<size=115%>Do not use an inappropriate username
<size=85%>Any content Staff deems inappropriate is not allowed in your username (Things like discriminatory remarks, advertisement, impersonation, having the word "Cancer" or "Kanker" in your name, etc.).

<size=115%>Do not team with the enemy
<size=85%>Chaos Insurgency and Class-D are allowed to team with SCPs. MTF may disarm Class-Ds and Chaos Insurgency. Chaos insurgency may disarm Scientists and MTF. As a Disarmed player, you are required to follow instructions from the team that disarmed you. Ignoring instructions means that that team has the permission to terminate you.

<size=115%>Do not teamkill
<size=85%>Teamkilling is not allowed and will result in a punishment. Examples are: Killing your teammates (e.g. MTF killing Scientists/Facility Guards is forbidden), Killing disarmed players and Removing disarmer effects from someone just to kill them. Exceptions: Class-D on Class-D teamkills, but only in Light Containment Zone and in the Pocket Dimension. Also, please do not revenge teamkill. Instead report the teamkiller.

<size=115%>Do not teamkill when someone asks you to
<size=85%>To prevent confusion, we do not accept teamkilling each other even when someone (for example: your friend) asks you to. If you need to leave or, you have other business to attend to, leave the game or try getting yourself in spectator mode.

<size=115%>Ghosting is not allowed
<size=85%>Obtaining/sharing information about your current game in ways other than seeing/hearing it in-game (for instance: Discord Voice Chat/DM) is prohibited.

<size=115%>Do not camp for the whole round
<size=85%>Because this game is basically a door simulator, camping is allowed if it does not hold up the round for too long.

<size=115%>Do not excessively troll
<size=85%>This includes excessively closing doors on your own team members on purpose and excessively changing 914 knob settings. This rule does not apply for Class-D Personnel.

<size=115%>How to use in-game reports
<size=85%>Please provide us usefull and detailed information when you report a player with the in-game report system. We do not like to see short agressive reports towards eachother with almost no information.

<align="center"><size=85%>(Last revision: 31-08-2022 DD-MM-YYYY)