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Sylox's Stupid Server Rules

-No one (Besides Serpents Hand) is allowed to team with SCPs. Chaos and NTF are not allowed to team. D-Class and Scientist can team and try to find NTF or Chaos to disarm them. Serpents Hand are not allowed to team with anyone besides SCPs.

-K.O.S (Kill on Sight) is allowed

-Do not hold up the round on purpose

-Do not micspam in scp chat, dead chat, radios, or on the intercom

-No racism or sexism

-Please do not be overly toxic

-049 can talk to humans
-Serpents Hand can spawn instead of MTF or Chaos and their objective is to kill everyone and help the SCPs. They have a low chance to spawn and they spawn in small groups.
-Chaos and SCPs cannot win together.

Thank you for playing on my server