Isles Of Glory rules and info

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・Kosing dclass when you are a guard is against the rules, guards can kos dclass if they have an acceptable reason to do so.
(Armed dclass, uncooperative, etc. Note that if chaos has spawned dclass may be kosed.)
・Scientists can kos dclass up until they have made contact with guards, or the first MTF wave that spawns.
・Chaos insurgency cannot kos scientists unless the scientist is armed, uncooperative, or disobeying commands.
・Team sabotage is not allowed and will result in the offender being put into overwatch.
・Don't micspam over intercom, radio or scpchat. Doing so will result in a mute.
(Proximity chat can be mutable depending on the extent of mic spam.)
・Crossteaming is allowed as long as it benefits both sides.
・Do not ask staff for items, roles, event rounds, etc.
・If any cases of admin abuse are present, contact head admins or owners to get the issue sorted.
・Do not stall the round or make it last for an eternity.
・Do not leave as SCP this is considered team sabotage. (will result in overwatch)
・Sexual comments or anything to do with such, will result in a server mute.
・Do not be overly toxic to players and do not use derogatory speech.
・Be respectful to all players, If a player is being toxic or harmful towards you contact admins or report the player.
・There will be no tolerance of slurs at all, failing this will result in a mute/kick, However Re*arded is allowed.

Please read server rules and contact hilts88 on discord for support.