Discord link https://discord.gg/FRj3kjEr It's my first server for both Discord and Secret Lab so please be patient.

Rules: No harassment of any kind
No racism/prejudice (jokes not included)
No cheating no matter how funny it can be
Failure to abide by these rules will result in banning by admins

Lore: After housing prices went up Salty M Buckets could no longer afford to operate The Salty Spitoon in Bikini Bottom. After, meeting with a strange man, who called himself Jack Bright, Salty was granted a facility equipped with several copies of iconic anomalies, staff members, D-Class personnel, and one H U G E explody boi. The facility is set to reset every match and also randomize its hallways and rooms. Salty now holds a last team standing competition between the SCP Foundation, SCPs, and the Chaos Insurgency.