Contact me: -_-#9799
Discord server link (CnnmCve)

1) Speak English, be respectful and no cheating
2) Do not abuse teamkilling
3) Music is allowed at the intercom and in voice chat but no earrapes please
4) Avoid teaming (does not apply for 079 and CI and SCPs can ignore each other)
5) Avoid camping
6) And most importantly: Have fun!

FF = ON (FF detector is DISABLED but please don't abuse teamkilling or it will be enabled)
D-Class spawn with flashlights
049 can talk to humans with V
Coarse: D-Class > 049-2 and Scientists > D-Class
1:1: D-Class > Scientists
Tesla Gates ignore foundation personnel (Scientists, Guards and MTF)

DISABLED FOR BEING OVERPOWERED: Stalky 106 is installed (double click on sinkhole creation button to teleport to a random player)

Don't forget to report players breaking rules via the player menu (n) or discord (better)
Mod applications will open if enough players are playing on the server