TFL Discord

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TFL (Teto's Factory/Teto's Factory of Liberation) is a new, modded server. Our goal is a fun and chaotic experience for our playerbase, new and old. Please consider checking out our Patreon and supporting our server!

Server Rules

1. KOS is not allowed unless it is a Sunday (KOS Sundays).

2. Racism and any form of discrimination against a certain group of people is disallowed.

3. Following rule 2, slurs of any kind are not allowed.

4. Any attempt to cheat or exploit the game will result in punishment.

5. Do not attempt to harass any member of our server.

6. Do not micspam, soundboards are allowed as long as it doesn’t become annoying.

7. Intentional acts of preventing others from playing/having fun are not allowed. This includes stalling and team sabotage.

8. Killing cuffed personnel is not allowed.

9. Have and use proper common sense.

10. Following Steam’s Subscriber Agreement, players under the age of 13 are not allowed on the server.

11. Attempting to evade punishment through loopholes or other means is not allowed.

Reports must be done with valid evidence, such as a video clip using Medal.

Our staff team has the final judgment, however, if you feel as if you have been wrongly punished, appeals are available within our CedMod.

TFL CedMod

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