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Welcome to the Server!

We Meme Here...a LOT

Please Pay Attention to the Following

1) Be Aware of Other People: Don't be disrespectful or toxic to others

2) Listen to our Mods/Admins: They are there for a reason, respect it

3) Don't Yell at People: If someone doesn't understand what you're talking about, that doesn't give you the right to yell at them *cough* 079 *cough*

4) Killing on Sight: Don't shoot those who cooperate Side note: If we see you bullying and just shooting everyone, you will be removed from the match.

<color=#33FFBD> 5) No Mic Spam/Earrape:
This can become quite the nuisance and a bother

6) No Racial/LGBT/Sexist Slurs: While you might be okay with this, other people might not be

7) No Camping: Do not cause the game to be delayed any further than it must

8) We Are A Lighthearted Group: Please do not take the things we do or say too seriously, nor the events that take place. We don't play the game strictly and often will blow up doors or cause weird things to happen.

Do Not Cause Match Delay. You Will be Notified if you are Holding Up the Match.

^SCP's MAY Have Mercy on Opposing Team Members so Long as it Supports the Above^

Think We Missed Something? Contact the Owner! Wannabe Starseed#0320 (discord)

Thanks for Vibing through the rules!!